Nourished by Heylen

Hello and welcome!  I am happy to partner with you as you seek ways to help yourself  whether you are navigating chronic symptoms of dis-ease, or simply just uncertain about how to nourish your body.

By empowering you with the proper tools to achieve optimal health through a holistic nutrition approach, I can help you thrive.

Stomach issues, low energy, foggy brain, blood sugar dysregulation, fatty liver and bloating issues are not the norm, nor should you conform to living in this manner.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”      Hippocrates

I believe that God designed our bodies to heal, and therefore true wellness can be attained through an individualized holistic approach.

Hi, I’m Heylen

I’m a Restorative Wellness Practitioner and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition

I am here to help you be empowered to be your own health advocate and live an energized life with simplicity and true wellness.

As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I partner with you on your unique path to health and wellness by identifying personal obstacles to optimal health through the use of assessments and functional testing tailored specifically to you and your symptoms of dis-ease. I am committed to providing you the highest level of care with integrity and compassion, giving you the tools needed to establish a high-quality nutritional foundation for life.   

What my clients are saying...

"Thank you Heylen for caring about others!"

I entered The Restart Program with Heylen because of several health issues I’ve been experiencing over the past eight months.  Going through the classes gave me a much better understanding of how what I eat relates to my health and how I feel.  My IBSD improved after two days and by day 21, I had improved 95%. Thank you Heylen for caring about others!  I am a believer in the Restart Program!!

 – Shirley P.

"This is about EDUCATION"

I am impressed by Heylen’s wealth of knowledge, empathy, enthusiasm, belief in the program, and willingness to go over and above sharing her knowledge. I have had 15-day diets, weight loss programs, etc. and always when the end came, yes, I had lost weight, but I had a feast ready of all the food I had been denied.  I had learned NOTHING! This is about EDUCATION and incorporating knowledge into our lifestyle.
 – Anne H.

"My energy levels were so much better"

In March of 2022, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.  Fortunately, I had the privilege of knowing Heylen Griffith through my church family.  Heylen put together a very comprehensive holistic nutrition plan for me.  She recommended I start incorporating the plan prior to beginning chemo treatments to prepare my body.  I know that everyone’s journey with cancer is different but I truly believe that by following this plan my energy levels were so much better than expected.  My cancer is healed but I still use the knowledge I received to eat & maintain a healthier lifestyle.

– Jill C.

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